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Clogging Company

Join Our National Champion Clogging Teams!

The following is a list of weekly required in-class hours that each clogging company member attends here at the studio. This does not reflect the additional rehearsals, performances, choreography sessions, conventions, and competitions. The Clogging Company also goes to competitions, conventions, master classes, various local performances, pageants, and charity functions. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in the studio's community service projects throughout the year. 


Double Toe

1 Hour Per Week

1-2 Hours Per Week


2-3 Hours Per Week


1 Hour Per Week Plus Some Weekends

Our open audition dates for the Clogging Company are July 8th, 2023 and August 5th, 2023. Times and instructions can be found by [CLICKING HERE].Our audition fee is $25 Per Dancer. Please contact the front office for age group time slots. For students on vacation, we do offer private auditions for an additional fee. Please contact the office at (864) 201-9375 for more information about our Contemporary Company.

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