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COVID-19 Dancer, Teacher, and Staff Safety Notice 

It goes without saying, we are in a global pandemic. As such, AIM Studios takes our part in stopping the spread very seriously. For the health and safety of our Dancers, Customers, Teachers, and Staff we have implemented, until further notice, the following procedures to reduce the risk of infection:

Face Masks:

Masks are required by staff members, and we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the use of face masks for students and parents. This is not a completely new concept, and has been done safely by many studios across the globe. . We are, after all, an education institution with a high volume of students. We are taking every measure possible to reduce the risk of exposure, and to help stop the spread. We ask that our dance family do the same. 


Bill Payment and Parent Questions:

Parents and Guardians will only be able to enter the lobby/office to pay bills or ask questions one at a time DURING CLASSES. Our new online bill pay system is also available 24/7, and you may call the office anytime with questions!



Observation of classes can be done through the windows outside the building, or on ZOOM. (Speak with office staff for more information)


Hand Sanitizing Stations:

Hand Sanitizer stations have been placed in every room of our building.  Students will wash hands with soap and water prior to the start of class, and use hand sanitizer, or wash their hands again, at the end; as they exit.


Student Dismissal:

Students will have staggered departure times (2-3 Minute Apart) to avoid crowding. 


Class Sizes:

Class sizes will be limited to no more than 5-6 students (Depending on studio room) per class.


Increased Cleaning Procedures:

Surfaces and equipment will be disinfected with non-toxic (Daycare Approved, FDA Approved) cleaner: at Opening, at Closing, and between EVERY CLASS.


Wellness checks:

Temperature checks and questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms and testing as each student enters the classroom.


No Waiting In Studio:

Students may not stay in the building for free periods or while waiting on siblings.

We realize that these measures may be an inconvenience to some. However, we believe it is our job to help keep our dance community safe and healthy! We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times. 

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